EBC Brakes Ultimax Brake Pads (Front, DP1050)

Preces Kods: DP1050

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EBC Brakes

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•Superb daily driver R90 type approved pad.
•Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install.
•New 100 % ECO friendly material with ZERO sulphides.
•No shims for noise reduction needed.
•More bite from cold.
•Works in hot and dry climates as well as in cold.

If you simply need a quality OEM replacement pad, look no further than the Ultimax2™ brake pad. Made in the UK Bristol EBC Brakes manufacturing plant the Ultimax2™ brake pad is a beautifully engineered brake compound that lasts well, produces minimal dust and is the perfect choice for the urban or daily driver. Why spend more if all you need is a quality replacement pad.
The Ultimax2™ brake pad is a total NON METALLIC pad containing ZERO steel fibre making this a cleaner pad far less aggressive to cast iron brake rotors.
Ultimax2™ has also been graded Code “N” by the USA brake ratings system meaning this receives the TOP award for its environmentally friendly status and has also achieved the much coveted GG friction rating, almost unheard of in the automotive brake Industry.