HEL Performance Stainless Steel Braided Hose With PTFE Inner -6 AN (8mm) ID Clear PVC Coating

Preces Kods: HHP-06-SS-CLR
16,98 € ar PVN
HEL Performance

Preces apraksts

  • Suits Fuel (including VP Racing and E85), Oil, Coolants, Methanol, Nitrous
  • Lenght: 1.00m

This -6 AN hose has a PTFE inner, wrapped in a layer of braided stainless steel and protected with a wipe-clean clear PVC coating.

Designed for using inside a vehicle as the PTFE inner doesn't let fuel and oil vapour escape into the cabin.

Compatible with all our HHFP-* olive style reusable hose fittings.

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