HEL Performance Hose Fitting PTFE -6 AN JIC Straight Aluminium Black

Preces Kods: HHFP-06-STR-AL-BLK
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HEL Performance

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  • Suits HHP-06-** Hose

This reusable straight PTFE braided hose fitting has a -6 AN JIC swivel female nut.

It uses a supplied olive that gets compressed when tightened to give a reliable, leak-free connection.

The swivel nut features an embedded locking pin to secure the fitting in place.

You can only use this fitting with braided hose that has a PTFE inner, not rubber.

Compatible with our HHP-06-* PTFE braided hose range.

Manufactured from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium and available in a hard-wearing anodised black finish.

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