HEL Performance Fuel Filter Inline Compact -8 AN JIC 30 Micron Aluminium Blue

Preces Kods: HFF-C-08-30M-AL-BLU
22,20 € ar PVN
HEL Performance

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  • Size: AN8
  • Anodised Blue Finish

This compact inline fuel filter has male -8 AN JIC threads.

The washable 30 micron bronze gauze will help filter out any unwanted metal particles and debris in your fuel system.

This filters at a high flow rate of 900 litres an hour, while maintaining an impressive pressure drop of less than 1 PSI.

92.5mm (L) x ⌀25mm

Manufactured from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium and available in a hard-wearing anodised blue finish.

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