ITG Maxogen Air Filter (Full Cone, 73mm)

Preces Kods: JC60/73FC
76,00 € ar PVN

Preces apraksts

  • Flange inside diameter - 73mm (A)
  • Flange outside diameter - 76mm (B)
  • Base outside diameter - 149mm (C)
  • Flange lenght - 50mm (D)
  • Filter lenght - 152mm (E)
  • Total lenght - 202mm (F)
  • Top diameter - 114mm (G)

These filters use a reinforced plastic cage which gives the filters their distinctive shape and mean that they are capable of flowing larger volumes of air than the other versions of this filter. These JC60 filters are built onto our smaller 149mm diameter aluminium spinning. We would recommend this style of filter for forced induction applications.